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Bringing new life to the Historic Custom House area.


  • 2014 : The Custom House Hotel comes into possession of Stephen Morrison, a local businessman specialising in accountancy. Aided by his partner Kay Spiers, who had much experience in the hospitality industry, he set out to discover whether his talents might extend to that of hotelier. Early signs are promising and there are many plans to allow the Bay Hotel to fulfill its full potential
  • 1990’s : A hotelier from nearby Gourock took possession of the hotel site and named it in memory of a hotel they had previously owned. The Dock Labour Board had been dissolved many years previously and the building entered a new role as a tourist residence.
  • 1950’s : A group of buildings that were located behind the tavern and smithy were demolished around this time to make way for a new structure. The Dock Labour Board building was constructed in red sandstone in Art Deco style.
  • 1850’s : The tavern facade that exists on the Eastern side of the The Custom House Hotel probably dates from the early to mid 19th century. The tavern first appears on town maps around 1850 and sits alongside a blacksmith’s shop. At this time horse drawn transport would have been used to carry goods from the East India harbour, where the hotel is situated, to outlying areas. The tavern and smithy were likely integral to this transport link, providing a stopping off point for weary travellers.



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